BitTorrent Play

A connected experience

BitTorrent Web was the flagship product at the time and mobile team was tasked to create a connected experience that will bring all BitTorrent mobile products in alignment with the experience and aesthetics of BitTorrent Web.

Web landing page

usability test

BitTorrent Play is a cross-platform app that syncs the content from computer to phone so users can watch their movies from their computer on their phone.


This landing page is where users will learn about BitTorrent Play for the first time and download the BitTorrent Play companion app.

Original landing page.

Usability tested landing page.

  • Visitors who downloaded the BitTorrent Play bundle more than tripled from 15% to 55%


  • People who were not sure what BitTorrent Play is were more than halved from 68.2% to 32%

  • People who understood the main feature of BitTorrent Play doubled from 9.2% to 18.8%

Mobile onboarding

preference test

We tested the messaging to understand which one is easier to understand by the user.

We then tested the call-to-action text to see which one has the highest conversion rate and best understanding from the user.

User flow and usability test

We re-iterated the user flow and updated screens after peer-reviews and usability tests.

Paper-prototype testing to validate design, and discover areas of improvement before committing engineering resources.

Evolution of user interface for the desktop companion app

The new designs incorporated progress indicators, more streamlined messaging and call-to-action, clear toast for successful connection and dark theme.

Evolution of user interface for

the mobile app

Pairing screens

Welcome screens

Media library screens

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